I recently attended the wedding of a friend who I've known my entire life.

She decided to give a toast to honor all of the guests they had invited. She looked around the room and told us that we were all invited for a reason and that we all held special meaning in their lives. My friend told us that she thought of us as the layers that made up her life, each important to creating the foundation she stands on today.

I thought this was a truly apt description of the people who we surround ourselves with. And, I find that at a wedding it is a beautiful thing to celebrate and honor the guests who are invited to be a part of such an important marker in a person's life.

Photographing weddings and the people who make up that event and all of the moments and memories that are created that day are a true passion for me. Ultimately, it is these people who will be there as you create a life, individually and together and your wedding day is an amazing time to celebrate that fact.

As a photographer I take immense pride in not only seeing these moments and documenting them for you, but in creating a collection of images that capture the feeling of the day itself. There is a method to this process, I can tell you about it sometime...but I know I've done my job when, toward the end of the night, a wedding guest, or the father of the groom pulls me aside and tells me that they loved having me there, and thank me for how hard I've worked and that they can't wait to see the beautiful images they know I've created!

This makes my day! Every. Single. Time.

This and good light are some of the things that I live for! I also live for weekends in the sun with my husband and two dogs. Exploring-wherever I am. Trying new things. And making people laugh (I'm working on this one)...maybe I can practice some new material on you?

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